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Publishing, putting writers first.

You've written a book! Now what? Let us be your self-publishing assistant.

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Slewfoot Publishing wants to help you make your book a reality.

Everyone has a story to tell. What's your story? Every author who spends their time and focused attention in creating a book has made an observation about the world, living in it as a human being, and learned an important truth about reality. They all seek to share their lessons about life with others.

If you have found this website, then you are one of those people. Slewfoot Publishing, Inc. was created specifically to help new authors share their life-lessons, observations and discoveries with the world. Let us help you to do exactly that - share what you've learned with your readership.

Editor T. Horsbe has 35 years of editing experience and is avid about creating a strong buzz around new authors who possess a unique worldview. With nearly 30 years of experience, Isabelle Backe in kaye name in the world of letters, and will be your key contact here at Slewfoot Publishing.

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Your proprietary information or the creative content of your work of non-fiction or fiction needs to be protected. We will register your work with the US Copyright Office


We will navigate the publishing process for you and make your book available on the largest commercial bookseller's website, Your book will be made available in an electronic version as well as paperback.

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